A quick bio on who we are - founders and operators of Azulea Adventures

Carlos owner and surf instructor

Carlos Peralta, a Puerto Escondido local, has been showing tourists and surfers around Puerto Escondido for years. It is his passion to share the beauty of his home town with others.

Carlos is an avid surfer and he has been teaching surf lessons for more than 10 years.. He is bilingual and gifted in regards to providing the best service to his clients.

It is his top priority to give you an unforgettable vacation. 



Ruthanna Peralta, originally from Seattle WA, has been living in Puerto Escondido for many years.

Way back in 1999, Ruthanna came to Puerto to open a coffee shop, in front of the world famous surf break in Zicatela .

With her coffee shop experience, she became fluent in Spanish, connected with the locals and learned the ins and outs of this small beach town that won her heart. Carlos was one of the local surfers that often visited the coffee shop - and he also won her heart!

Ruthanna owner and head of marketing

The Peralta's as a family!  Carlos and Ruthanna were married in Puerto Escondido in 2002. Their children, Ariela and Zion, were both born in Puerto Escondido. For about 10 years the Peralta family lived 6 months in the US (Seattle) and 6 months in Puerto Escondido. They currently live the majority of the year in Puerto Escondido. The Peralta family loves to explore God's beautiful creation. 

The Peralta family

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